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Shouguang Vegetable Industry Group Food Co., Ltd. occupies an area of ​​400 acres. Relying on the strong resources and basic advantages of the national agricultural industrialization leading enterprise Shouguang Vegetable Industry Group’s vegetable industry chain, it unites with the National Vegetable Quality Standard Center and other professional organizations to strive to become a collection of fruit and vegetable products. Development, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, deep processing of fruits and vegetables, cold chain warehousing and logistics, import and export trade and other high-quality comprehensive one-stop service platforms throughout the country to improve the efficiency of public services and ensure food safety.
        In accordance with international advanced food industry standards, the food company has built an integrated comprehensive workshop of 80,000 square meters, which has multiple standardized processing areas such as clean vegetable processing, prepared food, hot air drying, and deep processing of fruits and vegetables. It adopts international high-quality production techniques such as the United States and the Netherlands. And processing equipment to achieve highly automatic modular operations such as fruit and vegetable cleaning, sorting, processing, sorting, packaging, and storage. The comprehensive production capacity of fruit and vegetable processing reaches 100,000 tons, which will increase the added value of agricultural products and drive farmers' incomes. At the same time, it will ensure market supply with a more complete product system and further strengthen the government's macro-control capabilities.
        It has built a high-standard 10,000-ton automatic cold storage group, a constant-temperature fresh-keeping warehouse and a quick-freezing warehouse with a storage area of ​​10,000 square meters, and an annual throughput of 20,000 tons. Possess an internationally advanced large-scale cold chain logistics transportation system, extensively apply high-quality cold chain warehousing and logistics core technologies, build a complete agricultural product cold chain logistics full-process monitoring and traceability system, and provide professional fruit and vegetable storage processing and cold chain logistics distribution services . The company has a professional technology research and development and operation management team to provide society with high-quality products and services, and realize the sharing of benefits between society, customers and the company.